Video Poker

Since video poker casino games that do not rely on luck alone but for the most part on the ability of the gambler game before you start playing it is convenient to know the rules of video poker in general, and those of the specific game that you choose to groped their luck.

Play video poker online is just like playing video poker bar or casino brick and concrete, so if you have already tried to play video poker live, you'll notice immediately that playing online does not involve any change, but the benefits that have nothing to do with the regulations or procedures of the game.

The first thing you need to know about video poker is that unlike in the slot machines, it is important to make the right choices when they have the opportunity, in this way you can reduce the natural advantage of the house and have a better chance of success.

In video poker, unlike what happens in the poker table, all winning combinations pay and get wins more or less rich, depending on the value of the combination of cards in your hand at poker table instead someone might have a better hand than you, and take away the whole pot.

Play video poker is very simple, but if you're a new player what we suggest is to start playing video poker in safe mode, where you can play for fun and you will have opportunity to gain experience without any risk of losing your money .

When you play video poker, first you have to select the coin value, increasing or decreasing up to the amount you want to bet on that hand, then you just press the button that says "push" and you will receive 5 cards, this is the first distribution, you can decide whether to keep the cards you were dealt, or change one or more than one, this choice will depend on which games you're playing, so it is good to know the specific rules of each game of video poker.  After you choose the cards you want to hold you have to do that clicking on the button again to distribute the cards, and get the latest cards.